Tora Young Collingwood of Somerset

Tora Young (right) with sister Alex Young

What’s the difference between a room or a space that feels amazing, which you immediately want to spend time in, and one that’s lacking in atmosphere, which you’re happy to leave? Perhaps the lights are too harsh, or the colours don’t quite work – maybe the chairs aren’t comfortable enough. But have you ever thought it’s to do with the fragrance that greets you? 

Working in the film industry, as both a producer and a make-up artist, I spent a lot of time in trailers, dressing rooms, hotel rooms and houses. And they all smelled amazing, because of the luxury candles that were an A-list must-have. Making a trailer feel like home, in the middle of an industrial estate, or during a week of night shoots, is pretty hard – but if a gorgeous smell reminds you of home, or someone you love, then you’re halfway there.

After many years living in London, I moved to Somerset, and became fascinated with the idea of candles inspired by the English countryside – not only for the fragrances, but also the designs. A lucky find of a set of 19th century botanical engravings in my parents’ attic gave me a starting point for the labels, which I wanted to be as beautiful and evocative as the scents. 

Wanting to bring a touch of luxury to every room means using high quality waxes (ours are a mix of mineral and coconut, which is more eco-friendly than soya, as no trees have to be cut down) and the best fragrances, with the purest fragrance oils we can source.

Collingwood Candles are hand-poured and made in England. It’s a family company – my sister, Alex - pictured with me above - does the marketing and copywriting, conjuring up the label copy, the website and our emails.

I started off by tinkering in my kitchen – trying to recreate that aura of Hollywood glamour that I loved so much! – and now have a collection that captures the essence of English elegance and style, with scents that evoke woods and gardens to streams and the sea.

I hope you love having our candles in your home (or that trailer, if you want to take a little piece of home with you on a shoot…)

Tora Young